She is of the horses and passes from left to right.  A haloed angel of light bringing the gift of peace, tranquility and joy to all that observe her.  Her face will be hidden with iridescent glass in certain light and her body almost floats in her windswept realm. 

“And suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared (standing beside him), and a light shone in the place where he was.  The Angel gently smote Peter on the side and awakened him, saying, Get up quickly! And the chains fell off his hands”.  Acts 12:7 (1)

MATERIALS: Assorted Glass, Cement Sheeting, Swarovski Crystals, Mirror, Semi-Precious Gems, Rubber Silicon, Mother of Pearl, Fossilized Wood, Grout and Adhesive

Size: 870mm x 925mm x 20mm (including frame)